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About Us

In operation since 1976, Southern Taxi Association has provided reliable transportation and tour services in St. Lucia. With over 150 vehicles operated by experienced drivers, we ensure your safety and comfort while travelling around our beautiful island. As the sole authorised taxi service operator for Hewanorra International Aiport, Southern Taxi Association takes special pride in our operation, excelling in every aspect of visitor transportation, including transfers and tours, delivered with unique St. Lucian charm.


Southern Taxi Association, operates under the guidelines of the Tourism Ministry, and stands committed to the provision of excellent and courteous service to its customers. Our thrust is to function with integrity, efficiency and professionalism in the promotion of excellent business principles and ethics.


To be the premier taxi Association in St. Lucia by promoting a safe, reliable and quality service to our customers, thus ensuring the enjoyment of St. Lucia by the people we serve. In addition, we aim to advance our fiscal viability by increasing our marketing and services in order to improve the financial standing and quality of life of our members.

Customer’s Promise:

“Driven to create hospitality excellence and customer satisfaction through safety, reliability and comfort”